Green Globe Keycap, The Earth Keycap, Planet Keycap, Artisan Keycap, Solar System Keycap, Keycap for MX Cherry Keyboard, Handmade Gift ID637


🌍 Earth Keycap, Planet Keycap, Artisan Keycap, Solar System Keycap, Keycap for MX Cherry Keyboard, Handmade Gift

If you choose “Random keycap 1U”, we will send you a random design 1U keycap (ESC keycap) on our store.

In the ancient tapestry of the cosmos, a celestial ballet unfolded, giving birth to our blue planet. Through eons of cosmic collisions and stellar dust settling, Earth emerged as a cradle of life, adorned with oceans, mountains, and the vibrant hues of nature. As stewards of this precious home, we bear the responsibility to protect and cherish it.

The Earth Resin Keycap serves as a reminder of our duty to safeguard our planet. Crafted with eco-friendly materials, it embodies the essence of environmental consciousness.

Each keycap encapsulates a story of unity, urging users to type with purpose and advocate for sustainable practices. By adopting this keycap, we hope to inspire a global movement towards the preservation of our beautiful Earth.

📌 Specifications:
Our Kecaps are 100% handmade
– Material: Resin
– Profile: SA
– Color: Black and White

The standard size for the Spacebar is 6.25U (with the upper part measuring approximately 11.4cm and the lower part 11.8cm). Some keyboards may have different standard key sizes such as 6U, 6.5U, and 7U. For more information, please provide us with details about your keyboard. We will promptly check and provide feedback.

Cherry Profile:
Row 3 for the W key
Row 2 for the ASD keys
Row 1 for the arrow keys
Row 3 is slightly higher than Row 1, and Row 1 is slightly higher than Row 2. Row 1 for the Shift key is slightly higher than Row 2 for the Enter key (Please specify in the personalization message or contact us when ordering the Shift/Enter keycap)
WASD Keycap Set: Includes W key and ASD keys
Arrow Keycap Set: Includes 4 arrow keys
The Keycap OEM profile is slightly higher than the Cherry Profile.

This keycap is handmade and compatible with Cherry MX switches and their clones, ensuring a seamless fit for your mechanical keyboard.

📝 Sidenote:
The final product may vary slightly from the original photos. We hope that you can overlook these minor differences.
To ensure the durability of the keycap, please keep this product away from heat and water. You can use a damped tissue to clean the surface.

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