Koi Fish Epsilon Artisan Keycap Resin OEM profile


Koi Fish Resin Keycap OEM R4 Keycap Handmade Artisan Key Cap For Cherry MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

Keycaps are handmade, every keycap is Unique. You received may not be the 100% same as it showed in the picture.
This Artisan Keycap makes a great gift for gamers, collectors and keycaps Lovers.
This Artisan Keycap features a very tiny detailed of a spectacle.

OEM height: It is a height that comes with the keycaps produced by the mechanical keyboard factory. (Filco, WASD, Corsair, Razer, Sai Rui, etc.
The keycaps of OEM keyboards are all OEM height. The new keyboards produced by Cherry: MX3.0 high keycap models, MX6.0, MX9.0
Also OEM height)