Moltres Pokemon Artisan Keycap Resin SA profile


Moltres Pokemon Artisan Keycap, Custom Pokemon Resin Keycap, SA profile epoxy keycap

Little does everybody know, we always produce the keycap characters by casting them through shaped moulds. We do not have them easily printed in 3D and just like that, the keycap details come straight out of a machine. Everything is done by the hands of our artisans, preparing the moulds, pouring resin, and colouring the details.

Ultimately, this painting step is hands down one of the hardest things we faced during the production of Hirosart. Pokemon moulds in the collection are very small, so it’s very challenging to paint the pokemon and keep them spirited as much as possible. We had to apply 3 – 5 layers of paint for each keycap so the colours can have a certain thickness and be clearer to our eyes.
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– This product is handmade, every keycap that you receive will a little bit different such as: the texture, the color…
– For long time use, please keep this product away from heat and water. Don’t soak it into the water. Wet tissue is acceptable
– Please send me your favorite pokemon character, I will make a pokemon keycap for you.

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