Pikachu Cute Artisan Keycap Resin


♡ 100% homemade

♡ Items are made to order so they take a couple of days to make (3-5 days), please be patient ^^. Once they are completed they will be shipped out right away.

♡ I will always do my best to get the product as perfect as possible but as they are completely handmade they may still have some minor imperfections. Thank you for understanding!

♡ This keycap fits most mechanical keyboards. This keycap fits on an ANNEPRO 2 60% and WOMIER 87 mechanical keyboards for reference.

♡ Please be sure to double-check that your name and address are written correctly as they will be sent exactly to that person and address

♡ I do not accept returns but if you have issues with your order please do not hesitate to contact me so we can sort out a resolution! ^^

♥How do we pack it♥
Every wall hanging is carefully packed with soft beautiful tissue paper and cute stickers, then we place it in a sturdy box and wrap the box with tape again. to make sure it will arrive to you safe and sound.

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