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Nestled at the entrance of a serene Japanese shrine, the Torii Gate stood as a timeless symbol of spiritual significance and tranquility. Its grand, vermilion arches gracefully marked the threshold between the sacred and the secular. Each gate, with its distinct shape and vibrant color, told a story of centuries-old traditions and cultural richness.

Captivated by the profound beauty and symbolism of the Torii Gate, we embarked on a creative journey to craft Resin Torii Gate Keycaps. These keycaps delicately mirrored the intricate details of the iconic gates, becoming miniature representations of the spiritual and cultural heritage they embodied.

📌 Specifications:
Our Kecaps are 100% handmade
– Material: Resin
– Profile: SA
– Color: Pink and Blue

This keycap is handmade and compatible with Cherry MX switches and their clones, ensuring a seamless fit for your mechanical keyboard.

📝 Sidenote:
The final product may vary slightly from the original photos. We hope that you can overlook these minor differences.
To ensure the durability of the keycap, please keep this product away from heat and water. You can use a damped tissue to clean the surface.

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