The Blue Demon Artisan Keycap Resin SA profile


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Since the birth of the world, many creatures have been born, including living being, organism,… But there are some creatures that have always be a nightmare for everyone. Inspirations come from the scary creatures like ailen, monster, zombie, our lastest collection will bring you the creepy, gruesome vibe that make your skin crawl

Now you can see aliens, zombies, monsters come in real life, right under your fingertips. Look at the details, we’ve painted 3 – 5 layers to make the thickness of the colors. The process of choosing and mixing color are also very important to bring the true vibe. Hope you can find the best companion through all games. But dont’t be scared when thinking that they will bite your fingers!

INCLUDED: Keycap only, Not include Keyboard

– This product is handmade, every keycap that you receive will a little bit different such as: the texture, the color…

Kindly share with us your design, we can custom that for you.

Handmade in Vietnam

Ready to ship worldwide

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