Snorlax Keycap, Pokemon Keycap, Artisan Keycap, Resin Keycap For MX Cherry Keyboard, Gift for Him ID733


✨ Snorlax Keycap, Mushroom Snorlax, Pokemon Keycap, Artisan Keycap, Resin Keycap For MX Cherry Keyboard, Gift for Him

If you choose the Random Keycap option, we will select one keycap randomly from our entire store to send to you.

For the “Custom Pokemon” option, please enter the name of the character you desire in the “Add your personalization” section.

Snorlax is a hefty and sleepy Pokémon known for its massive size and insatiable appetite. This Normal-type Pokémon is often found blocking paths and causing inconvenience to trainers due to its tendency to sleep in the middle of roads. Despite its lazy demeanor, Snorlax is a formidable force in battles, possessing impressive strength and a unique set of moves that make it a sought-after addition to many Pokémon teams.

📌 Specifications:
Our Kecaps are 100% handmade
– Material: Resin
– Profile: SA
– Color: Blue and Green

The standard size for the Spacebar is 6.25U (with the upper part measuring approximately 11.4cm and the lower part 11.8cm), additional options for various keycap placements on your keyboard:
1.25u for R4/Ctrl/Alt/Menu
1.5u for R2/Tab
1.75u for R3/Caps Lock
2u for R1/Backspace
2.25u for R3/Enter/Left Shift
2.75u for R4/Right Shift

📝 Sidenote:
The final product may vary slightly from the original photos. We hope that you can overlook these minor differences.
To ensure the durability of the keycap, please keep this product away from heat and water. You can use a damped tissue to clean the surface.

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Apply for custom keycap

⭐ Keycaps sized 1u, 1.25u, and 1.5u, there is only 1 Pokémon featured inside.

⭐ Keycaps sized 1.75u, 2u, and 2.25u, a maximum of 2 Pokémon can be included.

⭐ The 6.25u keycap allows for a maximum of 4 Pokémon inside.
Please write your chosen Pokemon here.

(Applicable exclusively to customized Pokemon products )