Coral Keycap, Orange Coral, Ocean Keycap, Artisan Keycap, Keycap for MX Cherry Switches Mechanical Keyboard, Handmade Gift ID467


✅ Coral Keycap, Orange Coral, Ocean Keycap, Artisan Keycap, Keycap for MX Cherry Switches Mechanical Keyboard, Handmade Gift

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The ocean, Earth’s expansive and awe-inspiring liquid frontier, encompasses the very essence of our planet’s vitality. It spans the globe, connecting continents, shaping climates, and nurturing a remarkable diversity of life. From the serene azure shallows to the unfathomable depths where sunlight dares not tread, the ocean’s mystique is profound. Its ceaseless tides, dynamic currents, and teeming marine ecosystems remind us of the interconnectedness of all life on Earth.

✅ Threats to ocean are numerous and have caused ocean species to be endangered. The Artisan Keycap want to breathe life into Keycap products to remind people about the ocean of this rare object.

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– We hand-made all our keycaps, we try to make them well-guided with the model but it’s really hard to be 100% precise. So we beg for your tolerance if the keycap you receive very slightly differ from the photos.
– Profile: SA and OEM (Please note what profile)
– Size: 1u
– Color: Able to custom
– When the keycap is installed on the keyboard, if it is too tight or too loose, please do not insert it forcibly. You can use a hair dryer to blow hot air to the cross slot of the key cap for about 5 seconds, and then install it again
– We wish the keycaps perfectly fit your keyboards, so please pick your keycap profile . If you are not sure about any, we are available to support, just a click away.
– If you have any idea for a custom made keycap you see somewhere, we would love to see how we could turn them into a keycap made just for you!
– Noted : Keycap only, Not include Keyboard

📌 Symbolic Meaning | Myth | Folklore

Introducing our proud collection named “Ocean” you should not miss.

The ocean stands as a powerful symbol of the boundless and often mysterious nature of life itself. It represents both adventure and contemplation, as it can be a realm of exploration and discovery or a place of serenity and reflection. The vastness of the ocean underscores the limitless possibilities that exist in the world, as well as the inherent unpredictability of life’s journey. It symbolizes resilience, as marine life adapts to the ever-changing tides and conditions, and it serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all living beings on Earth. The ocean’s timeless allure and its ability to evoke both wonder and respect make it a symbol of enduring fascination and a source of inspiration for art, literature, and human imagination throughout history.

Ocean keycap model comes with a variety of colors for you to choose from, matching many different keyboard tones.

And don’t forget that we have multiple size of keycaps that fit for most of the key you have.

We are the original maker, which mean we made it at our workshop, not as resellers.


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