Rilakkuma Cartoon Cute For Dorayaki Artisan Keycap Resin

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Applicable keyboard

The key cap is suitable for most MX axis (cross type) mechanical keyboards, such as the green axis black axis red axis tea shaft, not suitable for membrane keyboard and notebook keyboard,please check and confirm before purchasing.



1. The cartoon keycap is formed by splicing to avoid falling to the ground/breaking by hand, etc. The installation requires the base to be pulled and plugged in by hand, and the doll body cannot be pulled out directly to avoid damage.
2. Purely handmade, it is inevitable that there will be manual traces/small flaws/variegated colors/uneven dyeing, perfectionists and people who mind, please don’t place an order. thank you very much.


1. Item: Keycap

2.Style: Cat Dorayaki

3. Amount: 1PCS

4.Material: PBT

5.Height: R4

Applicable occasion:

gifts, party gifts, birthday gifts, game prizes

Package Includes:

1 * R4 Keycap